Data protection: feedback and queries

The purpose of this Internet feedback form is to collect feedback from Konekesko’s stakeholders. The information given on the feedback form will be saved to allow for contacts requested by the sender and replies to feedback.

1. Register keeper:
Konekesko Oy, Vanha Porvoontie 245, PL 145, 01301 Vantaa, Finland

2. Contact for register issues:
Postal address: Konekesko Oy, PL 145, 01301 Vantaa, Finland; Tel +358 10 53034

3. Name of register:

4. Purpose of processing personal data (use of register):
The form aims to provide an opportunity to give feedback and present questions to Konekesko. The feedback form inquires about the contact data of the sender for processing feedback, but feedback can also be sent anonymously.

Following a request for feedback, the register keeper makes every effort, by themselves or through the responsible Kesko unit, to find a reply to the question or to arrange another contact for proper feedback handling.

The information given on the feedback form will be completely deleted from the register within three months from the date of the reply to the feedback or other contact made on the basis of it. If handling the feedback requires repeated contact, the period of three months will be counted from the last contact.

All feedback that the register keeper considers not to require any contact with the sender will be deleted from the register within one month of the date the feedback is received by the register keeper.

5. Data content of the register:
The following information, given by the sender on the feedback form, will be saved in the register: sender's name, street and postal address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and feedback given.

6. Regular sources of information:
Personal data given by the feedback sender.

7. Regular conveyance of data and transfer of data outside the EU or European Economic Area:
For processing individual feedback, the data given will be conveyed only to the Konekesko’s partner concerned.

Personal data may be transferred outside the EU or European Economic Area on the basis of the Personal Data Act.

8. Principles of register protection:
Manual material: feedback in electronic format will be printed only when necessary. Paper printouts will be destroyed immediately after processing.

Data saved electrically: feedback comes to Konekesko by e-mail. The read, send and delete rights of e-mail messages received have been limited to relevant Konekesko staff.

Any information given in feedback will be given only to the party the feedback concerns, for the purposes of handling.

9. Right to check the data:
Those entered in the register have the right to check the registered data concerning them, the right to require correction of inaccurate information and also otherwise to resort to the rights guaranteed to them by the Personal Data Act. A written request concerning the checking and correction of information can be addressed to the person responsible for register issues (see point 2) or alternatively an agreement can be made in advance with the person responsible for register issues to check the data at the register keeper's premises.